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Facilitates access to home improvement and expansion loans with technical advice for self-construction.

By offering the end client a mobile app to create their financial profile, construction project, and local Credit Bureau, processes are streamlined for the credit advisor, who receives prospect information for remote credit evaluation.

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How to digitize the home loan application experience?

6 out of 10 households in Mexico are the result of self-construction, where families take control of the construction process. The lack of access to formal financing and technical advice prolongs the construction time up to 30 years. This also exposes homes to various vulnerabilities

1. Problem Conceptualization

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It was validated that it is easier for both the advisor and the client to take a consumer loan. The challenge is to promote the use of home products with a tool where the user can input project information, be guided to the best technical product, and apply digitally without visiting a branch.

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2. Technological solutions aligned with local regulations

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In Mexico, when applying for a credit product, a request to check the Credit Bureau (BC) must be signed. This barrier was removed by implementing an automatic call (API) to the BC system, where an OTP (consent) to the cell phone confirms the request. Thus, the credit advisor receives the information directly to start the evaluation.

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3. Information to improve efficiency

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In a personalized dashboard, the advisor accesses: (i) information on construction projects; (ii) the client’s financial profile; and (iii) the digital BC report. This information improves productivity and reduces the prospect evaluation process by up to 12 hours.

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4. More efficient disbursements and client recovery

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Digitizing a traditionally manual process means that the approved client receives the response through the institution’s communication channels to sign and receive the disbursement. Unaccepted prospects can use the financial manager solution of the application to organize their finances and reapply in 60 to 90 days.

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Process digitization,
efficiency, and inclusion

Promoting a digital credit tool to a population with internet access and a smartphone offers the opportunity to expand unserved markets in the housing sector.

Interfaces that make product information transparent promote trust and encourage use. The results translate into prospecting efficiency with 2/3 of the time saved by advisors.