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Open banking

PFM (personal financial manager) and BFM (business) solution focused on digital users in Guatemala to promote the use of formal financial products.

VRGO offers a financial manager engine as the main functionality to understand financial profiles and offer financial services in a marketplace of loan products to investments.

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How to promote formal financial services in an unbanked context?

According to Banguat and CIEN, 90% of Guatemalan millennials have a smartphone; however, only 39% have a bank account. Additionally, only 17% trust banks. The lack of transparency and clarity is an important factor in the lack of trust. This is coupled with 46% lacking basic personal finance knowledge.

1. Conceptualization and Problem Discovery

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1/3 of Guatemalans have saving habits, but being massively informal, they do not transform into opportunities for financial improvement. Starting from a current behavior, a digital savings component is created to use the data as the starting point for users' financial profiles.

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2. Data enrichment and behavioral interventions

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By offering open banking connections, VRGO has the capacity to consume transactional data that allows the data analysis engine to understand user behavior and guide them towards certain objectives in line with their financial goals.

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3. Design and Implementation

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By understanding the user's comprehensive financial behavior, the analysis engine categorizes these profiles and classifies them by the probability of taking relevant products from the marketplace financial partners according to their financial journey.

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4. Data Analytics and Upselling

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Prospects are sent directly to the financial partners of the marketplace through a dashboard. The interest history is stored to continue offering complementary products associated with the user's real-time behavior.

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Inclusive Banking

Con una propuesta enfocada en la inclusión financiera de más guatemaltecos, VRGO innova al ofrecer una solución construída sobre comportamientos ya conocidos, ahora digitales.

Con componentes de open banking, se facilita la creación de modelos que puedan aumentar la tasa de conversión de productos financieros y personalizar la oferta según la jornada de los usuarios.