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In a financial environment driven by AI and focused on banking, using a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) is essential for the competitiveness of your business. Our platform provides tools and support to expand your capabilities and innovate, allowing you to lead in the Latin American market.

The implementation of Conecta transformed our financial operations in record time. The intuitive interface and specialized technical support allowed us to quickly adapt and optimize our operations, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Rick Wright

Manager Regional

Value proposition

Data Enrichment & Open Finance

Automatically transform the transactional data of your clients, both from your financial institution and external sources, into relevant categories and insights.

Data analytics & behavior tracking

Utilize transactional data to identify behaviors and plan actions that turn into business opportunities.

In-platform messaging and interventions

Build interventions aimed at promoting an action or behavior on your digital channels.

Customized financial products

Ensure the final use of your credit products with personalized workshops that increase conversion rates and ensure post-sales.

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Plug & Play implementation Agile and hassle-free installation for instant operability.
100% customized Your operational platform in just 6 weeks.
Predictive Analysis Advanced tools for data-driven decision-making
Bank-level Security Data and transaction protection with the highest standards.
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