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Promotes access to home improvement and expansion loans with technical advice for progressive construction.

By providing instant construction project quotes with real-time prices, the credit advisor's job is streamlined, and the customer's experience is improved.

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How to promote housing loans with technical assistance for progressive construction?

80% of homes in Peru are self-built. That is, the family builds their home with their own resources, without professional advice, generating vulnerability, especially in the context of natural disasters. On the other hand, more than 70% of loans for home improvement are obtained through consumer loans, with rates above the average and that do not guarantee the use of the money in purely construction projects.

1. Conceptualization of the problem

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Although the credit advisor has experience and knowledge of the prices associated with home improvements, these may not be exact or meet technical specifications. The solution: a calculator with market prices by locality in real time and a tool to generate a long-term improvement plan.

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2. Technological solution integrated into the financial institution's processes

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The information of construction projects is stored in a dashboard used by the credit advisor to initiate the credit evaluation. Once the loan is approved, the technical team, builder, performs a home visit to validate the estimate.

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3. Integrated Experience Design

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The end customer receives real-time notifications, and once the loan is disbursed, the purchase of materials and selection of the foreman in charge of the project is activated. In parallel, the start of construction is scheduled.

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4. Repayment Monitoring and Upselling Opportunity

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Upon completion of the work (30 days), repayment monitoring is carried out along with necessary behavioral interventions to reduce the risk of delay or non-payment. The advisor, with the client's long-term improvement plan information, evaluates the disbursement of a second loan.

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By turning the advisor into an expert in the origination of home improvement loans, a better distribution of the product to a non-captive market can be guaranteed

Additionally, a technical quotation tool that supports financing ensures access to loans with improved rates and allows future improvements to be planned, generating potential new loans for the financial institution.